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Job Description and Requirements

Major Activities Performed

1. Manage CAD based project activities and provide direction and guidance to the CAD team to ensure operational and technical excellence.

2. Preparing design drawings for urban planning purposes including site plans, cross-sections and subdivision layouts.

3. Developing accurate subdivision plans from conceptual layouts prepared by Planning Team.

4. Compiling information provided by urban planning staff into presentation drawings, including illustrative report graphics and large-scale plans.

5. Other duties as assigned to support the Urban Planning Department.

6. Maintain CAD document archive and retrieval for projects and maintain CAD software inventory.

7. Coordinate with other departments ensure that the drawing accuracy of what is being designed is compliant to the Masterplan.

8. Perform QA/QC on project drawings packages for compliance of the Master Plan.

9. Manage CAD based data generated internally and externally, such as Issue for Construction and as-built to align with the Masterplan drawings, i.e. Roads, Utilities, Corridors, Easements, and Coordinates.

10. Facilitate any incoming memos that pertain to any technical drawing needs according to the Masterplan.

11. Coordinate with RC Survey Section for LCDs, PBCD's, Site Plans, and Utilities, and Corridors.

12. Coordinate with RC GIS Section on a database level to ensure all data is up to date and correct.

13. Manage the folder structure in Urban Planning to provide an organized source to information.

14. Manage a database of information from Construction to update the Masterplan technical drawings.

15. Integrating mapped information from different sources and understand software related to CAD and familiarity with other CAD systems.

16. Troubleshoot discrepancies in drawings from other Departmental design packages to ensure a QA/QC is being met per the Masterplan document.

17. Attend meetings and workshops with all other RC Departments and their consultants/contractors, as needed to ensure drawing based information is accurate and in compliance with the RC standards and criteria.

18. Implement and enforce CAD standards in the development of RC production and provide CAD technical support.

19. Provide support for plotting and electronic file submissions and provide training and supervision of in-house CAD users when necessary.

20. Maintain written technology evaluations for future software adoption and Interact on project standards coordination with clients.

Experience and Qualifications
  • Bachelor's Degree from a western country university with minimum of ten (10) years of experience in providing computer-aided drafting support in the production of maps, plans, subdivision plans and other graphic aids for urban Design purposes.
  • A minimum of ten (10) years using AutoCAD and Civil 3D with a background knowledge of ESRI ArcView in land planning, survey, GIS, and other and related fields.
  • Direct experience in preparing maps, schematic drawings, preliminary plans (in plan and cross-sectional views) and subdivision layouts.
  • Proficiency in delineating subdivision layouts based on conceptual plans prepared by Urban Planning Team.
  • Basic mathematical and analytical skills and ability to organize and display data in presentation formats, including reduced-sized figures for reports and full-scale drawings for display.
  • Ability to interface with Geo-base Systems and to adapt and apply data available from that source. Familiarity with Arc Info necessary.
  • Ability to successfully interact and communicate with professional designers, planners and civil engineers.


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